What is Additional Work?

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What is Additional Work?

Our Support Packages cover the bulk of client support needs for all their Apple devices, including shared resources like:

  • The Backup: daily monitoring and periodic audits of CrashPlan PRO backups.
  • The Network: VPN, routers, switches, wireless access points, printers.
  • Servers: We don't charge extra for server management and support.
  • Vendor Relations: ISP and Internet hosting communication.

However, additional work — or clearly defined Flat-rate projects — is sometimes required. Our goal is to be upfront and clear about additional fees. Additional work does cost extra and is...

  • any work performed above-and-beyond what's included in the package.
  • any work performed onsite (outside of scheduled onsite maintenance visits.)
  • billed at an hourly rate or quoted as a project fee or flat-rate.
  • defined as additions, changes or hardware failure.
  • a special project, like an office move.

Additions are typically new purchases or new hires. Changes can be employee terminations, network changes or office moves. Additions and changes are planned. Hardware failure is unexpected. (Unless the device is several years old and out of warranty!) The following are examples of additional work. In all cases the device in question must be actively managed and enrolled in our system:

  • New Mac setup
  • New, or changes to an existing, iOS Profile
  • OS upgrade
  • Set up and configure a smartphone (other than an iPhone attached to a managed Mac or iOS Support Package)
  • New software install or upgrade (application or font)
  • New user setup or termination
  • Migrate data from one device to another
  • Move hardware or software to new locations
  • Replace failed hard drive
  • Troubleshoot hardware failure onsite, if remote attempts are unsuccessful
  • New printer setup
  • New ISP or network equipment

It's our experience that by involving us early in additional work we save our clients time and money. We know what works, we know how to best implement, and we know how small changes can affect the entire office.

Early means getting us involved during the planning stage — before additional work begins. We're OK with clients performing certain changes on their own. We concede that there are times when our experience and expertise are not necessary. However, it's important to notify us of ALL changes. It’s a free call to our Support Desk and communicating early is the only way to minimize surprises and control costs.

To encourage clients to involve us in recommendation-to-implementation (meaning we recommend or approve the additional work and we perform or oversee the implementation) we’ve developed the following solution:

  • If we are involved in additional work from recommendation to implementation then we will take full responsibility for the implementation. Any issues with the implementation will be resolved free of charge for up to 30-days, or for as long as a client remains a member of our Pro Support program and does not alter the original implementation.
  • If a client prefers to handle additional work themselves, then they assume responsibility. Any support related to the additional work will be charged an hourly fee for the first 30 days from the time we are notified of the change.

Simply put: clients take responsibility for what they recommend and implement and we take responsibility for what we recommend and implement. We feel this is a very fair way to address the issue of responsibility and it holds each party accountable for their actions. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our service please let us know!




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