Managed Windows Support

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Managed Windows Support

We’ve partnered with a Windows support company to proactively manage Windows computers (both real and virtual – running in Parallels or Fusion). This does NOT mean we are turning our attention to Windows support. We will remain dedicated and focused on Apple technology. We have developed this solution for our Mac-based clients who also have a few Windows machines.

This solution will reduce Windows troubleshooting and downtime. If you rely on Windows to do your job then we recommend using this solution. If you only use Windows for occasional testing, then you don’t need it.

All billing and initial support requests are handled by Forget Computers, although we pass on requests to our Windows partner as necessary. Just like our Mac support, if a Windows machine is managed, then we do our best to provide Support Desk assistance at no additional charge. However, additional onsite support is sometimes required. If billable support is required you will be notified and Additional Work fees will apply.

If a Windows machine is NOT managed, then all Windows issues will be billed at our reactive hourly rate for remote or onsite support.

Windows Support Package

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone solution. This is an add-on to one of our Mac Support Packages.

$100/mo per workstation

  • Phone Support
  • Remote Control Support
  • Application Support
  • Asset/Inventory Management
  • Case/Issue Management for all 3rd Party vendors
  • License Management for software products
  • Desktop Optimization & Management
  • Spyware and Adware Removal
  • Antivirus Software Management & Updates

$260/mo per server 

  • Phone Support
  • Remote Control Support
  • Service Availability Monitoring (email, web, etc)
  • Patch Management
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Log File Maintenance
  • Virus Definition Updates & Prevention
  • Performance Monitoring (drive space, processor, etc)
  • Printer Settings Management



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