Purchasing Equipment (Hardware & Software)

Ben Greiner -

Forget Computers is a technology consulting and management company. We do NOT sell hardware or software (aside from email hosting and a few color management tools). However, we do facilitate the purchasing of equipment to ensure our customers get exactly what they need.

Save time, save money and save frustration ... contact us before buying anything related to technology. Below are three options our customers have when ordering new items: 

  1. FREE of charge, customers can place orders using shopping cart links supplied by Forget Computers. We can also remotely assist with placing the order.

  2. $20 per shopping cartForget Computers can place orders directly using client supplied credit card.

  3. 15% of purchase price, Forget Computers can order and pay for product on behalf of a client. Product will be ordered as soon as payment is received. This will show up on the Forget Computers invoice as a "Handling Fee."

Please consider that we stand behind the recommendations we make. If a customer chooses to purchase equipment without consulting us, or outside of what we recommend, then unplanned and Additional Work support fees must be expected.
Not sure where to buy?
We have very good relationships with the Business Teams at several Apple Stores and great online experiences at OWC and Amazon.

If you're a Pro Support client and you buy elsewhere, ask us to review the final quote to ensure accuracy!
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