Apple Macintosh Remote Support Checkup and Consultation

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Apple Macintosh Remote Support Checkup and Consultation

Not a client of Forget Computers and need support? Contact us to schedule a REMOTE CHECKUP AND CONSULTATION. It's a flat-fee of $150/Mac Workstation or $200/Mac Server (paid at the time of service via Visa, MasterCard or Amex). 

Like a patient visiting a doctor, we may find problems that require additional work. Our goal is not to fix anything during this remote visit. However, we will evaluate your system and provide the information required to make a smart business decision regarding next steps.

During this remote checkup, we will...

• Remotely control your Mac during a 30-minute phone consultation.
• Review status and specifications of your Mac.
• Run diagnostics and evaluate repair options (some repairs can only be performed on site).
• Discuss details of the current issues.
• Provide verbal recommendations and feedback.

Contact us to schedule a remote session today.




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