New Comcast Business Internet Speeds and Pricing

Ben Greiner -

Comcast Business has announced new Internet pricing. If you don't have Comcast, now might be the time to consider it (if it's available in your area). If you already have Comcast then you might want to take advantage of these new speeds and pricing tiers (see below).

Here's the process I went through to make this change on our account. NOTE: If your modem and account are up-to-date, Comcast can make the change immediately. However this also caused our Internet to go down for about 5 minutes (including our VoIP phones) so be prepared for that to happen.

  1. Know your Comcast Account Number. Get it from an invoice or Login to your account at and go to My Account > Billing & Payments to reference your Account Number under Account Profile in the right column.

  2. Call Comcast at 800-391-3000.

  3. Enter your Account Number when prompted.

  4. Choose Option 3 (Account Changes).

  5. Choose Option 5 (All Other Questions).

  6. Enter your account phone number and wait for a representative.

  7. When they pickup say you want to take advantage of the new Internet speeds and prices (choose one listed below).


NEW Comcast Business Pricing

These prices can go down even further if you bundle in Voice service (POTS lines, PRI, Hosted VOIP). All prices include the $9.95 equipment fee (so you may be quoted a price $9.95 lower than listed below.) Static IP pricing remains unchanged.



  • 16Mbps/3Mbps
  • $79.90 per month (includes $9.95 equipment fee)


Deluxe 50

  • 50Mbps/10Mbps
  • $119.90 per month (PREVIOUSLY $209.90)


Deluxe 75

  • 75Mbps/15Mbps
  • $159.90 per month (NEW TIER)


Deluxe 100+

  • 100Mbps/20Mbps
  • $209.90 per month (NEW TIER)
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