Holiday Wish List – 2012

Ben Greiner -

We call it a "Wish List" but we must admit, we have nearly everything on the list. :)
In no particular order...

Apple TV


The Apple TV makes a great addition to any boardroom or family room. All you need is an Internet connection (wired or wireless) and a modern TV with an HDMI connection. Combine this with OS X Mountain Lion on your Mac or iOS 6 on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and you can wirelessly mirror the device screen onto your TV. You'll need an HDMI cable if you don't already have one ($19).


27" iMac Workstation


Unfortunately, these won't ship until December. We recommend the 3.2GHz model. We also recommend Brave (the Disney/Pixar movie) - $20 (HD Version). Available on iTunes.


Mac mini Server


Apple newest Mac mini Server is deceptively powerful with it's small footprint. Pair it with a Promise Pegasus RAID System for storage at Thunderbolt speeds.


Up-To-Date Software


Creative - Adobe CS6 - $2,139
Go Master Collection to get all the Adobe apps. Or move to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Fonts - Extensis Suitcase Fusion - $100
If you're a professional designer who uses a lot of fonts then you'll enjoy working with a professional font management application like Suitcase Fusion. If you work with a team of 5 or more then you'll probably want Universal Type Server (UTS).

Office - Microsoft Office 2011 - $160 or iWork - $60
It's nearly 2013, so if you're not yet running Office 2011 then get up to date! Or use what we use ... Apple's iWork suite ($20 per app).

Utilities - Disk Warrior & 1Password
After all these years, Disk Warrior remains our favorite tool to quickly and easily set things right. Every office needs a copy. In addition, if you practice good password security then you need a password management tool like 1Password (for Mac and iOS).


Modern Thermostat


Upgrade the look and functionality of your home thermostat with an intelligent thermostat from Nest. Save $20 with the older version (this is what we use and it works great).


Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone Service


Service - $20/mo per line
We pay $20/mo per phone line to call anywhere in the world and talk as long as we want. If you're paying a lot more for your phone service then considering moving to Phonebooth. You will need new phones (see below).

Phone - $72
You can pay more for a brand you've heard of but why? These Yealink phones work great.

Headset - $175
Go wireless and mobile in your own office with the headset that works great with the Yealink phone recommended above.


More RAM


Haven't yet maxed out the amount of memory in your Mac? RAM prices are low, so now is a great time to upgrade. We get our RAM from OWC. Not sure how much RAM your Mac can handle? Use Mactracker to find out.


Parrot AR.Drone 2.0


Remotely control this Quadricopter ($300) using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Take photos and record video in high definition during flight. (iPad NOT included. :)


Sphero by Orbotix


Sphero is a robotic ball ($130) and gaming device that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


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