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CrashPlan PROe is the software we use to ensure our clients have a solid backup with reliable restore options. With the latest version, Code 42 Software, the developers of CrashPlan, have moved from Perpetual to Annual licenses. Although the overall price has increased, the price per device has decreased. Check out the details of what this means below.



Old Perpetual License

The old CrashPlan PROe license was purchased, then maintained in perpetuity. If we look at this over a three year period the pricing for a single device looked like this, with a total investment of $93 per device over three years.

  • Year 1: $69
  • Year 2: $12
  • Year 3: $12

TOTAL: $93 for a single device over three years.

New Annual License


The new CrashPlan PROe license is an annual subscription. With this model the pricing is $45 per device over a three year period. This is because the new license covers up to four devices (versus the old license that covered one) per person. A device is considered a computer (Mac, Window, or Linux), an iPhone
or an iPad.

  • Year 1: $60
  • Year 2: $60
  • Year 3: $60

TOTAL: $180 for up to four devices over three years, or $45 per device, based on yearly pricing. Discounts are available when buying multiple years in advance (see image above). SPECIAL NOTE: The iOS devices do not backup using CrashPlan, however the new CrashPlan iOS App is capable of browsing and restoring files. Code 42 calls this Mobile File Sync.

Transition from Old to New

Going forward, new licenses will be sold at the Annual license price. For anyone currently with single Perpetual licenses, we will transition them to the new, four devices per Annual license per person. We will do this at the yearly renewal date. We will also evaluate how many licenses are required at time of the renewal and personally discuss options to clear up any confusion.

With this new version we have also introduced the option for Cloud Backup!


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