Anti-Virus Software, ClamXav — Coming Friday, March 8!

Ben Greiner -


With the recent rise in Java vulnerabilities on the Mac we have decided to make a change to our proactive management that will result in greater security for our clients. We have long been aggressive in auto-patching software on the Macs we manage. However, some environments can not be patched due to restrictive workflows, and there is a growing concern that patching alone is not enough.

We feel it’s still too early to invest extensively in paid anti-virus software for the Mac. We run the free anti-virus solution, ClamXav, on our own Macs and we highly recommend it. Apple has included clamav, the command line version of ClamXav, as part of OS X Server since version 10.4. ClamXav is our favorite anti-virus app because it does the job and doesn’t slow down our Macs. Our special install of ClamXav is pre-configured for optimal use. It’s set to monitor the essential Downloads and Desktop folders, while performing a full disk scan once a week.

Our Pro Support clients can install ClamXav at anytime by launching Self Service. In addition, on Friday, March 8, we will auto-install this solution onto every managed Mac who is not yet running ClamXav. If anyone is running an outdated version it will be fully patched. Please contact us if you choose for any reason to exempt your Mac from this install. Also, contact us if you don’t see ClamXav in Self Service and believe it is not installed.

ClamXav is free, though we suggest everyone donate something (even if it’s just a dollar) to the developer, Mark Allan. He has a PayPal Donation Button on his web site and we want to encourage him to continue development!

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