Highlights from CES 2013

Ben Greiner -

In early January I attended my first International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. MacTech asked me to serve as session chair and speaker for a talk on Mobile Device Management. The talk I gave was one of many presented during a day long schedule focused on Apple. It was a great experience and I hope to participate again next year. I was also able to spend several hours "walking the floor" and here's what I found.

"C" is for Consumption

Once I got past the $20,000 Ultra HD TVs (some with 3D) and the "Booth Babes" (some wearing only paint), the show felt less electronic and more about consumption. Was there anything at this show I really needed? Absolutely not. A few highlights (with photos) ...

  • World's First and Largest 4K OLED (created by Printing Technology).
  • World's First 3D Video Wall.
  • World's Largest LED TV.
  • Largest Professional LED Display.
  • Thinnest Video Wall Display (LED Display with the Most Narrow Bezel).
  • 110" Super Large-size TVs.
  • iPad Man.
  • 3.4" Flexible OLED.
  • 85" 8K TV

Apple is Everywhere

If you've read anything about CES you know this already and it's hardly worth mentioning, but I'm going to mention it anyway! Apple does NOT attend this conference (and as far as I know never has). Why should they? I couldn't walk more then a few feet without seeing something related to or looking like Apple.

iPad and iPhone accessories were everywhere. Most products have an app available in the App Store and the design of many products looked, at first glance, like they were made by Apple. Every TV vendor had a device clearly inspired by Apple's own "hobby" product, the AppleTV. I shared a cab and a conversation with a guy from Salesforce.com who was working the Social Media Command Center and he said Apple and Google (another non-attendee) were trending the most.

3D Printing is The Future, Today.


3D televisions are cool (even if you still have to wear glasses) but the real future (that's also here today, so I guess it's no longer the future) is 3D printing and custom manufacturing. I saw some amazing samples of 3D printing at CES, including ceramic pieces. You can try it yourself with solutions from Autodesk and Sculpteo. The book, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, by Chris Anderson explains the details.

Power Up


Mundane power strip gets a makeover from Kopi. These attractive power strips can supply standard power while also charging your iPhone or iPad at maximum speeds. [Facebook]

Polaroid - Not Dead Yet


Polaroid is still kicking around with a new service that can turn your photos into works of art. It's called FotoBar. [Twitter & Facebook.]

Secure Your Home


iSmart Alarm is a very impressive looking product and the anticipated pricing is affordable. It's not shipping yet because the 2012 Silicon Valley startup is still raising money at Indiegogo. (similar to Kickstarter).

21st Century Restaurant or Bar


If I operated a restaurant or bar then I might consider POSIOS, a complete Point-of-Sales solution for managing seating and sales from an iPad or iPhone.

Document Scanner with iOS Integration


I love my ScanSnap S500M. It's discontinued, but still works well and I have no reason to replace it ... other than the new models look really sharp and they can send a scan wirelessly to an iPad or iPhone, if you need to do that. I don't. Check out the ix500 from Fujitsu. [Twitter & Facebook]

Paintbrush for iPad


I've tried a few styluses (styli?) over the years, but the Pogo Connect from Ten One Design really stands out as being more than a finger on a stick. [Twitter]

Organize Your Cords


Cord organizing systems are even more mundane than power strips, but I dig 'em and Dotz has nice looking products. [Facebook]

iPhone Turned Desk Phone


So many people I know have given up their land lines at home and gone all iPhone. If you want the features of a more traditional phone at home (with speakers to boot) then checkout the AudiOffice solution from Invoxia. Works with iPad too and they have a companion iOS App. [Twitter & Facebook]



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