Adobe Creative Suite 6 Coming in May

Ben Greiner -

Adobe has announced that they will be releasing CS6 on May 7th! This will be a major upgrade which will be affecting most of their product lines and a great time to get your licenses up to a current version. With CS6 Adobe is making changes to pricing and upgrade options...

For Customers on CS2 thru 5

  • For customers not on the latest version (CS5.5) the price of CS6 will be up to 20% more expensive than CS5.5
  • For any licenses on CS2 this will be the last opportunity to upgrade.  When CS6 ships on May 7th there will NOT be an upgrade path and new licenses must be purchased.

For Customers on CS5.5

  • If you are on the current version of CS5.5 then you can purchase an Upgrade Plan for your current license so that you receive CS6 when it comes out and future updates from Adobe. 

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