Great Feedback from Customers

Ben Greiner -

We're accustomed to making our clients happy (I mean, we try really hard and we receive very few complaints), but everyone at Forget Computers was pleasantly surprised to receive the following feedback from one of our clients overseas...

Best service I've ever received anywhere! I'm speaking as a major reseller and therefore the speed my suppliers respond, in addition to my daily movements, then dictates the speed my customers get the answers relayed. I've had questions in customer meetings which have been investigated and answered in seconds! from another country by Forget Computers and allowed resolution and progress while still in the same client meeting. If only all our local suppliers in our own time frames were as amazing as you guys!!! This level of service won my company a major new corporate client via the first interaction. Very, very impressed.

We've seen a full moon in the sky this week, and it's known to affect people. We received another great dose of unsolicited feedback from a client today...

Just a thanks to the Forget Computers staff. Seriously, thanks for taking the sting out of so many mundane and little issues. Subscribing [to your service] has been one of the best decisions and investments I've made in my time. Keep up the excellent work, you have a big fan.

Please contact us if there is ever an opportunity for us to try and impress you too. :)

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