Pro Support 3.0

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Welcome to Pro Support 3.0

In January 2006 Forget Computers introduced secure remote support and a dedicated help desk. This allowed us to provide faster response times, more accurate diagnostics, fewer office disruptions and more flexible support hours to our Pro Support clients. It was a major improvement and one that has worked so well it's easy to forget that prior to 2006 most support was done onsite, or via long and tedious phone calls during valuable business hours.

Pro Support 3.0 is the next iteration of the Forget Computers support process. We've invested heavily in new software and improved procedures to provide several new benefits to our customers:

  • We've replaced scheduled remote maintenance with ongoing maintenance. Ongoing maintenance means updates will be installed sooner and with less user interruption.
  • Our new tools provide advanced support for roaming laptop users or anyone who works outside of the office. Macs managed under Support 3.0 can live anywhere there's an Internet connection. 
  • Clients can now add Windows and home computers to a support plan because supported computers don't need to live in the office.

Automated software updates. Fewer disruptions. More choices. Better communication (see our new Knowledge Base on the right). These are just a few of the benefits our Pro Support clients will experience with Support Pro 3.0. Read more about it on our web site.

Please let us know what you think.

Ben Greiner
Founder & Lead Consultant
Forget Computers
312 602.5345 

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