The Power of SupportMenu

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The Power of SupportMenu

SupportMenu is a great way to communicate more directly with end-users. SupportMenu is available exclusively to Robot Cloud and Dashboard customers and sits discreetly in the menu bar of macOS.

  • Integration with Zendesk (plans start as low as $20/year).
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs.
  • Provides shortcuts to the tools references most by your Support Desk.

Zendesk Integration

If you use Zendesk (like we do) then it's easy to connect your end-users to your Zendesk directly from SupportMenu! If you use a system other than Zendesk, then it's worth signing up for the Zendesk Essential plan at only $5/mo so you can get automated alerts delivered directly to your end-users (see The REAL Power of SupportMenu with Zendesk, below for details). Current Zendesk integration features include:

  • The ability to display all Open and Pending Zendesk requests for individuals, and optionally across an entire organization (if the user has this privilege).
  • The menu icon rotates to politely remind end-users when a request (or alert) needs a response.
  • Hovering over a request in SupportMenu pops-up a summary of the initial request.
  • Clicking on a specific request from the SupportMenu opens the request in the user's default browser and logs the user into Zendesk (if Autofill Usernames and passwords are enabled).


The REAL Power of SupportMenu with Zendesk

Communicating clearly with clients sounds easy but in practice it's hard. Everyone is overwhelmed with information. When an important email alert arrives in an inbox it can get lost or quickly forgotten. SupportMenu improves communication by lifting Zendesk tickets above the clutter of email. Open and Pending support requests — including notifications generated by Robot Cloud — become clearly visible in the menu bar. If a response is required then SupportMenu rotates as a gentle reminder to take action.

There's one additional, behind-the-scenes benefit that is really important. Because Robot Cloud knows which Mac triggered the alert and a SupportMenu with Zendesk integration knows which Zendesk user is on the Mac, Robot Cloud can leverage Zendesk to automatically send alerts directly to the appropriate end-user. Alerts are delivered 24/7 with no manual intervention. An alert triggered late Saturday night is immediately delivered. No more waiting until the Support Desk comes online Monday morning. Plus, you can still keep tabs on the status of alerts, and followup when appropriate, by creating a custom view in Zendesk.

We love this feature! It has saved us hours of manual processing. If you don't use Zendesk, then signup for their $5/mo Essential plan and use it for super-efficient Robot Cloud alerting. [SPECIAL NOTE: This feature is exclusive to Robot Cloud and does NOT work with Dashboard only plans.]




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