Robot Cloud Integrations

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Robot Cloud Integrations

Robot Cloud integrates with the following software and services...

Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX)
Know for sure if your devices are under warranty, out of warranty or approaching end-of-warranty. Robot Cloud will connect your devices to Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX), the same system Apple uses to determine purchasing and warranty information.

Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
The Apple Volume Purchasing Program for Business and Education (available in the US only). 

Open (OD) & Active Directory (AD)
Robot Cloud can automate the Directory Binding process for Active Directory, Open Directory and third-party Active Directory utilities (like Centrify or ADmitMac).

Microsoft System Center (SCCM) & Altiris
Robot Cloud can leverage JAMF's SCCM or Altiris plugin to sync your iOS mobile device inventory data into your Microsoft SCCM or Altiris Client Management Suite. (Additional fees apply. Syncing Mac data is currently not available with Robot Cloud.)




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