Unenrolling iOS Devices

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Unenrolling iOS Devices

Unenrolling stops communication between the device and Robot Cloud. You can no longer perform over-the-air (OTA) management tasks on a device after it is unenrolled. Although an unenrolled device can no longer submit inventory, its inventory record remains in Robot Cloud until deleted. When you unenroll a device, the following components are removed from the device:

  • Robot Cloud PKI root certificate profile.
  • Robot Cloud MDM profile.
  • Self Service web clip (requires a restart of the iOS device to fully remove).
  • Configuration profiles that were distributed with Robot Cloud.
  • Managed apps that were distributed with the Remove apps when MDM profile is removed checkbox selected.

Unenroll an iOS Device using Robot Cloud

  1. Log in to your Robot Cloud instance.
  2. Click the Inventory tab, and perform a simple mobile device search for the device that you want to unenroll.
  3. Click the Details link across from the device.
  4. Click the red prohibitory icon within the Device Information pane.


  5. Click OK to confirm. Robot Cloud will send out a command to remove management from the targeted iOS Device.

Unenroll an iOS Device Manually

  1. With the device in hand, tap on Settings > General > Profiles.
  2. Tap MDM Profile, then tap Remove. If you have a passcode on the device you will be prompted to enter it.
  3. Tap CA Certificate Payload, then tap Remove. If you have a passcode on the device you will be prompted to enter it.
  4. Restart your iOS device.

The names of the profiles in step 2 and 3 may vary slightly between devices and iOS versions. The name of MDM or CA is always present, so if you do not see the exact name specified above look for the profiles that contain MDM or CA. They are typically at the very top of the profiles list.




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