How Automatic Patching Works

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How Automatic Patching Works

You've enrolled Macs into Robot Cloud. You've checked out the Get Started with the Actions Package article and have started using Self Service and executing Actions on demand with command line triggers. While having manual control over workstations is great, much of the magic that is Robot Cloud happens behind-the-scenes. Here's how!

Apple Software Updates

Refer to this article on How Robot Cloud Handles Apple Software Updates.


Adobe Creative App Updates

EXECUTION TIMEFRAME: Once per week, no hourly restrictions.

DETAILS: Once per week all available Adobe updates are applied to all Macs that have CS5 or later installed (all flavors, including Creative Cloud). If the end-user has open Adobe applications, patching of those applications will be skipped and attempted the following week. If desired, end-users can update their Adobe applications through Self Service as well.

RECOMMENDED: If users get in the habit of logging out daily, then their software is more likely to get patched.

NOTE: If for any reason a particular client should NOT be patched, simply contact us to opt-out of the Adobe auto-updates. (For example, some offices rely on a very strict workflow that requires a coordinated, scheduled effort to patch Adobe software.)

Third-Party Updates

EXECUTION TIMEFRAME: Once per day between 5 PM and 8 PM CST.

DETAILS: In addition to the Adobe updates (which in their complexity warranted their own category) the applications listed on this page are automatically patched by Robot Cloud:

NOTE: Once the application has been patched, if it was left open by the end-user, that user must quit and relaunch the app to begin using the new version.



If you have an application you've been manually patching or standardizing and you'd like Robot Cloud to take over, let us know! Contact us to get started.

Important Note Regarding Customized Policies: Depending on the complexity of the request, additional fees may apply. Inquiries and planning are complimentary. If we determine that additional work will be required to successfully implement your desired setup, we will provide a quote for approval.




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