Install All Updates Action

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Install All Updates Action

The Install All Updates Action is a great way to quickly bring several core Mac applications up-to-date.


What's Included?

This Action will ensure that the following applications are installed or updated:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Firefox
  • Flip4Mac

This Action will also ensure that the following applications are up-to-date (if they have been previously installed):

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 or higher
  • Apple Software Updates
  • Microsoft Office

Status Window


Like nearly all of our Actions, you can initiate the Install All Updates Action from the Command Line, or from within Self Service. If Self Service is used then a special Status Window (see above) will appear that provides status reports while the Policy is running. Don't care to see the status? Simply click the box to make it go away. Running the Policy from the Command Line will result in a silent install and all updates will occur in the background — even if the workstation is being used (very cool)!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on the quantity and type of updates required, this Action may take a long time to run and require a restart.




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