Track Status of Redundant Server Clones

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Track Status of Redundant Server Clones

We at Robot Cloud enjoy having the redundancy of server hard drive clones that we can boot from within a few minutes of hardware failure. Because problems with a server OS can also be cloned we've found that nightly and weekly clones work best. To this end, we send alerts on the health of daily and weekly clone volumes. When we first enabled this feature we found two locations with broken clones that we assumed were working. Fixed. Hooray! Here's how it works — and how you can make it work for you!



  1. Name two volumes attached to a Server, "Daily Clone" and "Weekly Clone". (The names must match exactly.)
  2. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to set up your cloning schedule as best fits your needs. (The entire boot volume must be cloned.)
  3. Once per day Robot Cloud will check to see if your clone volumes are healthy.


If Robot Cloud finds problems with your clones, an alert will be sent. There are two problematic conditions that we check for:

  • The clone volumes physically exist but they do not appear to be set up.
  • The clone volumes differ by more than 20GB (in either direction) from the Server HD.



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