How To Distribute SupportMenu 3.0 (macOS)

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How To Distribute SupportMenu 3.0 (macOS)

1. Make It Your Own

As the Admin of your organization, you control how SupportMenu works and looks. You customize SupportMenu then send us the preference file for distribution via Robot Cloud. Or distribute using your own software. The current customization options include:

  • Zendesk: Ticketing system integration! The Menu App spins when a pending ticket response is needed from your client.
  • Tools: Shortcuts for Self Service (or another app) and your screen sharing app of choice. (We use LogMeIn Central.)
  • Links: Support Desk URL, Knowledge Base URL, and phone number.
  • Branding: Customize the About menu with your company logo and description.
  • UI (User Interface): Allows admins to use the language of their choice to fully personalize SupportMenu!

2. Distribute

Distribution allows you to configure SupportMenu once, then copy it to multiple Macs quickly and easily with no further configuration required. PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Robot Cloud Actions customer simply contact us to automate this process.

The current build of SupportMenu is Version 3.0.4. System Requirements: Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newer, and a working Internet connection. NOTE: This article applies to the standalone version of SupportMenu and not the App Store version, nor the Robot Cloud version. If you are using the App Store version, the distribution and updates are handled within the App store. If you use Robot Cloud then automated distribution is handled by Robot Cloud.

Distribution Options

The standalone version of SupportMenu can be distributed in the following ways:

  • OPTION 1: Manually copy SupportMenu to each of your Macs via USB drive, file sharing, etc.
  • OPTION 2: Push out SupportMenu using your software of choice, like Apple Remote Desktop or JAMF Pro.
  • OPTION 3: Send users SupportMenu as an email attachment and ask them to place it in their Application folder. If you're distributing Starter Kit, the user will also need to launch SupportMenu and enter your unique Dashboard Enrollment Key.

If you want to standardize the SupportMenu preferences across multiple Macs then read the "Customize" section below.


Customize SupportMenu exactly how you'd like it to appear, then copy the and the entire com.ForgetComputers.SupportMenu folder (location noted below) to your Macs. (Remember to hold down the 'Option' key while selecting the 'Go' menu in the Finder to view this folder.)



If you previously used SupportMenu 2.0 and want to retain the settings, then make the following changes to allow SupportMenu 3.0 to automatically migrate the old configuration.

  1. Select, then Control or Right-Click > Show Package Contents.
  2. Move /Contents/Resources/Defaults.plist to ~/Library/Preferences/
  3. Rename Defaults.plist to net.robotcloud.SupportMenu.defaults.plist.



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