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SupportMenu FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to SupportMenu for Mac.

How often does SupportMenu check for ticket changes?

SupportMenu will check for new tickets and ticket updates upon launch and every 5 minutes after launch.

I'm not seeing Alerts in Notification Center.

First, confirm the Notification Center alerts settings in Apple Menu > System Preferences > Notifications > SupportMenu. In addition, there are some conditions where SupportMenu will not show notifications:

  • If the SupportMenu window is currently open or has been detached from the menu bar, notifications will not be shown.
  • If a ticket doesn't change, then the end-user will only receive a notification every 12 hours.
  • If a ticket is updated but remains Open or set to On-hold, then no notification will be presented. A ticket must be updated with a Public reply and set to Pending for notifications to trigger. The goal is to notify without annoying the end-user (never good), so SupportMenu only alerts when a response is needed and expected. The way to achieve this is with the Pending status because this is the only status that changes the end-users ticket view to "Awaiting your reply".b43a111a-0a6e-43cb-a49d-2f004fe7e73b_display.png

I don't see any tickets in SupportMenu.

Only tickets set to Pending, Open or On-Hold will display in SupportMenu. (In a future update, Solved tickets will also be displayed. We have no plans to display Closed tickets in SupportMenu.)

In addition, SupportMenu is built for Zendesk End-users or customers. SupportMenu does not work with Zendesk Agents, administrators, or account owners. If you are a Zendesk Agent, then a web browser or the Zendesk iOS app is the best interface for you.

The "Send" button is not working.

Before a new request can be sent, both a Subject (1) and Description (2) must be provided (see image below).

I get an error when posting a new ticket.

Some Zendesk systems require custom ticket fields when creating new tickets. Unfortunately, the Zendesk API does not allow SupportMenu to identify custom fields so it's not possible to create a new ticket. SupportMenu can still read and update existing tickets. It simply can't create new tickets. You can often verify if custom ticket fields are necessary by creating a ticket online. If you believe custom ticket fields are not being used and you see this error message, then please contact us.

Can I set SupportMenu to alert more quickly?

Not at this time. Please consider that SupportMenu is built for end-users (not Agents). One of our goals for SupportMenu notifications was to "alert without annoyance". From a Zendesk Agent's perspective — especially while testing — SupportMenu can feel like it takes forever to see a change to a ticket manifest as an alert. However, from an end-user's perspective, we believe SupportMenu presents a nice balance of immediate alerts (within 5 minutes of changes to Open, Pending or On-Hold tickets) and polite reminders (once every 12 hours). If you have additional suggestions please let us know!

Why are the ticket colors Blue (Pending or On-Hold), and Yellow (Open)?

SupportMenu is built for end-users so we mimic the Zendesk end-user interface and colors. Zendesk Agents are accustomed to seeing things a certain way, so they are often surprised to learn that the Zendesk end-user interface is different. The best way to experience this is to log out of all Zendesk Agent accounts and login with an end-user account — the same one you're using to test SupportMenu.

Agents see many colors:

  • New = Yellow
  • Open = Red
  • Pending = Blue
  • On-hold = Black
  • Solved = Dark Gray
  • Closed = Light Gray

End-users only see a few colors:

  • Open = Blue
  • Awaiting your reply = Yellow
  • Solved = Gray (not visible in SupportMenu)




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