Create a Licensed Software Record

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Create a Licensed Software Record

Are you curious how many of your Robot Cloud Macs are running the latest version of Keynote? Perhaps you'd like to know how many copies of Adobe Photoshop for Creative Cloud are running within your enrolled environment. Whatever the reason, you can determine this information by creating a Licensed Software Record.

Log in to Robot Cloud

  1. In the web browser of your choice navigate to your Robot Cloud login page (or enter via Dashboard).
  2. Enter your Robot Cloud username and password supplied to you.
  3. Click on Computers, then Licensed Software in the sidebar.


Creating a Licensed Software Record From a Template

We'll start with using the built-in templates as these will likely cover most of your needs.

  1. Under License Software Records, Click on New From Template.
  2. Locate and select the piece of software that applies to your environment.
  3. Under Display Name, add [ your company name ] in brackets before the title to create a unique name. The items you create are private to your environment, but as Robot Cloud is a shared environment your Licensed Software Record will need a unique name.


  4. Locate and select the Licenses tab, and add the serial number and license count for your records.
  5. Click Save, and then locate and select View Matches.

You have created your first Licensed Software Record! Any new Macs you enroll into Robot Cloud will reflect their numbers immediately.

Manually Creating a Licensed Software Record

Contact us for instructions on how to create a Licensed Software Record manually.




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