Get Started with Robot Cloud Actions

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Get Started with Robot Cloud Actions

You've enrolled at least one Mac and you're eager to discover how to best leverage Robot Cloud. Exciting times? We hope so! We've broken down each area with examples to help familiarize yourself with how Robot Cloud is configured.

Get To Know The Available Actions

Visit our Software Automation page to view a list of current Actions.

Try Self Service

Self Service is pretty straight-forward. Not all Actions are featured on the main page, so if you are looking for something specific, check out the category listing on the right side (or use the search box). If you still can't find it, let us know. Note: a workstation's Action membership is dynamic. For example, the latest Microsoft Office 2011 update may not show up in Self Service if the software was previously patched automatically.


To use Self Service

  1. Open Self Service, located in the Applications folder. (Or from the Support Menu.)
  2. Select the Actions you wish to execute. (Actions are run in the order selected.)

Just getting started? Try this exercise — Run these Actions using the steps outlined above:

  1. Run Repair Permissions
  2. Run Repair Directory Errors
  3. Install Cyberduck

There are a few Actions that are more complex than others. For example, the Repair Directory Errors Action will restart the workstation into single-user mode, run fsck -fy, and then reboot to the login screen. Similarly, the Upgrade to X.x (macOS) Actions will restart a workstation, perform an automated in-place upgrade, and then reboot to the login screen. If an Action does anything more complex than drop an application into place, this will be specified when the information button is selected.

Use Command Line Triggers


Robot Cloud is a friend to those who prefer using Terminal or Apple Remote Desktop to sneak in and get things done behind-the-scenes. To that end, we've given each of our Actions a command line trigger so that they can be executed on-demand, without user interaction or access to the GUI.

Additional Actions

We welcome questions and requests. If you're looking to deploy an Action and don't see it here, contact us. We can implement custom Actions upon request. Additional fees may apply (determined by the difficulty of Action development and execution), although great ideas that benefit all Robot Cloud members are always implemented free of charge!




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