Add Macs to Robot Cloud

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Add Macs to Robot Cloud



Install your custom Robot Cloud package onto each of the Macs you intend to manage. The installer will create a hidden management account on the Mac so that Robot Cloud has admin access and can properly perform inventory updates and install applications (Actions required). The hidden account will be your company name with a "_manage" attached to it. For example, a company with the name Awesome Enterprises will receive a hidden account named awesomeenterprises_manage.

Robot Cloud will not run any policies or make any changes. If you need a new copy of your installer, you can always download it using your custom download link:

If you receive an error during your installation, visit our guide on how to Troubleshoot Mac Enrollment

Option to install using Apple Remote Desktop

Using Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) to install the Robot Cloud package is fully supported and is MUCH faster than going station to station. If you have ARD enabled on your Macs and account information ready, you can mass install with ease.


  1. Select the Macs you wish to target and click 'Install' in the ARD toolbar.
  2. Click the '+' icon and select your Robot Cloud custom installer pkg.
  3. Click 'Install' in the lower right corner and relax!



Use the Set Location Action within the Self Service application to assign new Macs to the appropriate location:

  • Launch Self Service, look for the "Set Location" Action and click the "Choose" button.
  • You will be prompted to enter the client building name and if you'd like to add Actions or Inventory and Alerts.
  • If the client building and network information matches, the Mac will be immediately assigned and no further action is required.
  • If the information does not match, an alert will be generated and a Robot Cloud Admin will manually assign the Mac shortly.
  • Note: To ensure the quickest turnaround for enrollment, we suggest using our First Run Location Form — or contact us — to set up the client location in advance.



Ensure your Macs are properly assigned and managed by visiting Dashboard. If added properly, your Macs will appear here, under the appropriate organization. Please note that when adding additional Macs it can take up to 1 hour after installation for your devices to appear in Dashboard. If your Macs do not appear, or you want to make changes, please contact us.


You can also launch Self Service on any Mac to confirm what license has been applied. Inventory & Alerts or Actions will be displayed in the Self Service sidebar (see screenshots above). Contact us if you want to change this.




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