A Friendly Reminder to Be Aware During the Holiday Season

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Be Aware During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! Unfortunately, during this time of year, we face increased risks of running up against a range of not-so-festive stuff. This year the amount of malware and other nasty stuff is on the rise — and we see this actively playing out across many offices!

Should anyone experience anything out of the ordinary, and we do mean anything, including clicking on an errant link in an email that doesn’t seem to “do anything” or anything else that may strike us as unusual — please notify us (or your IT team) right away.

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What To Do If You Ever Think You've Been Compromised

  1. Contact IT right away.
  2. Change your email password and enable multi-factor authentication.
  3. Check your email account for server-side rules.
  4. Assume hackers have a copy of ALL your email messages.
  5. If your email password was used for any other account, change all account passwords immediately (and enable multi-factor authentication wherever possible). Use a password manager, like 1Password.
  6. Allow IT to thoroughly check your system for malware, keyloggers, viruses, etc.
  7. Notify your coworkers, clients, and friends that you've been hacked. They need to be alerted. The hacker may try to reach them by impersonating you (remember they have your email history). You may also save them from falling prey to the same fate!

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Stay Ahead of Cyber Trouble

It's becoming a lot more difficult to avoid this stuff. That's why we partnered with WIMZKL to build a Cyber Resilience Playbook to help our clients reduce their risk of cybercrime.




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