macOS Upgrade Action - Sierra (10.12.4) and later

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macOS Upgrade Action - Sierra (10.12.4) and later
We’ve updated (and simplified) our macOS Upgrade Action. With the release of macOS Sierra (10.12.4) and later, Apple made changes that no longer allow us to leverage the Jamf method of uploading the Install macOS application via Casper Admin. Therefore, we’ve built a new deployment mechanism that works around the changes.
We now have the ability to cache the Install macOS <insert-OS-name-here>.app during the installation process or it can be cached ahead of time via command line.
Step 1 (Promote the Mac) 
sudo jamf policy -event promote
Step 2 (Upgrade the Mac) 
sudo jamf policy -event sierra
Step 2 (Cache the macOS Installer ahead of time, we should only need to do this for Macs that can’t access a Local Distribution Point)
sudo jamf policy -event cachesierra
Step 3 (Upgrade the Mac)
sudo jamf policy -event sierra
Auto-Cache (Optional)
If you need to cache a macOS installer across an entire office, simply reach out to our Support Desk and we’ll get that automagically setup via Robot Cloud!
See a full list of Robot Cloud Actions here.
Everyone we support will be affected by these changes since we can no longer use the old method. Simply Promote the Mac, as usual, to expose all Actions in Self Service and via the Command Line.

High Sierra
We've added policies to handle macOS High Sierra upgrades as well. Keep in mind, there are a number of reasons why we should not upgrade production Macs at this time (FileVault being the most major issue so far)! But feel free to give it a test on your VM’s and/or personal Macs. : )

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