Plan Your Migration to Office 365 or G Suite

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Plan Your Migration to Office 365 or G Suite

Below is a very high-level summary of steps and pricing for making the move to Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite.

Beware, there are often people in an organization who will lean toward wanting to do this themselves and will trivialize the process — It’s just email, right? In our experience, it’s best if you get assistance from someone with experience (like us!) to help you make this transformative change.  

Basic Overview
Start 5 Weeks before go-live

  • Discuss making a smooth transition.
  • Prepare, plan and educate your team.
  • Test the environment.
  • Schedule the transition.
  • Plan for several hours (overnight) of email downtime.
  • Schedule education time with employees: what to expect, day-one onboarding and training.
  • Consider follow-up training to enhance the experience and workflow of your team.

Monthly Pricing



Week 1

  • Finalize current/planned email infrastructure.
  • Purchase and setup accounts at new host.
  • OPTIONAL: Setup a subdomain for mail routing and dual delivery.
  • Educate employees about the transition: What to expect!
  • NOTE: Current email account passwords may be needed (or must be reset).

Week 2

  • Begin migrating mail data (First Pass).
  • Install desktop apps (if applicable).
  • Begin setup of users in mail client (desktop and/or web app).

Week 3

  • Assist with mobile device setup.
  • Help employees verify they can access their account from all devices.
  • Prepare employees for Go Live date. 

Week 4

  • Begin final migration of email and calendar data (Second Pass)
  • Make MX and DNS changes.
  • Go Live. Be on site for support.
  • Complete any remaining tasks.
  • Test all group email addresses, web links, and forms.



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