Robot Cloud Backup

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Any Mac enrolled in Robot Cloud can be added to Robot Cloud Backup, powered by Code42's CrashPlan for Business. It's the same software and server management tools we use to ensure our clients have a solid backup with reliable restore options.

Hosted Cloud Destination

Hosted Cloud Destination

Robot Cloud Backup provides an offsite backup destination and offsite disaster restore option. If disaster strikes (i.e, fire, water damage, or theft) and destroys primary storage and local backups, then data can be restored from the Cloud. Additional details are below. Contact us to get started today!

  • Unlimited storage!
  • Ideal for mobile notebook users.
  • Desktops and Servers can backup to the Cloud and to locally attached storage volumes.
  • Current pricing is a fantastic, $10 per Mac per month. (A very affordable insurance policy!)
  • Absolutely no hardware is required.
  • A full backup or restore of a few hundred GB of data could take several days to complete. The actual time it takes to complete will vary greatly based on the speed of your Internet connection, in addition to the amount and type of data involved.
  • In a disaster situation — where workstation and local backup are lost — a new Mac can restore email from the email server, and Dropbox or Box data from the cloud. Primary project data from specific folders can then be restored from Cloud Backup. Remaining, low priority files can be restored in the background at your leisure.
  • All plans exceed industry best practices for security
  • See Code42's Security, Trust, and Compliance document.

The Value

  • The license fees are the same as you will pay to build your own.
  • No hardware to maintain, upgrade or replace.
  • We've already built the solution for you. Simply enroll today to get started.
  • You don't have to host or maintain your own server.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, our experienced team is here to help — only one number (or email) to reach us.
  • Get started today using enterprise-grade software in an organization as small as one!

Storage Location

The cloud storage location resides in the United States. If you are outside the U.S. and this is a problem, we can put you in direct contact with our representatives at Code42 to discuss additional cloud storage options. 

IMPORTANT: Ongoing Management

It's important to note that regardless of where you buy CrashPlan, the ongoing management of CrashPlan is your responsibility. For ongoing management and up-to-the-minute backup status, you will rely on your CrashPlan Admin Console.

Robot Cloud makes it easier to roll out, maintain and support a solid backup solution using Code42's CrashPlan Public Cloud. However, Robot Cloud does not replace the need to monitor and maintain your CrashPlan solution using the CrashPlan Admin Console and the CrashPlan email notifications. Robot Cloud provides ways to automate the installation of any flavor of CrashPlan. Plus, using the Robot Cloud Dashboard — and its integration with Zendesk — you can quickly identify the backup status of your Macs within the last 24 hours.




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