Use Native macOS Deployment (and Stop Imaging)

Ben Greiner -

OLD School Methods

  • NetBoot images.
  • Network modifications to make NetBoot work.
  • Monolithic image (Out-of-date).
  • Prohibitory sign at boot up.

NEW School Method

Avoid all of the Old School problems by using Native OS X Deployment (previously referred to as Thin Imaging). We stopped our traditional imaging practices years ago and we encourage you to do the same. Read further if the thought of getting hours of your life back is of interest to you.


What is Native OS X Deployment?

Native OS X Deployment is the practice of completing the setup of a new workstation by installing on top of the standard Apple OS that comes out-of-the-boxNew is a relative term here because this concept can be applied to any workstation — new or old — that needs to be standardized. The goal of a good Native OS X Deployment is to complete the setup with minimal interaction on your part and without erasing the boot drive.

Native OS X Deployment and Robot Cloud

As a Robot Cloud client, you can leverage our modularized installation and update packages to entirely eliminate Old School imaging practices in a few, easy steps!

  1. Enroll your workstations into the Robot Cloud Actions Package.
  2. Launch Self Service and click on the applications you wish to install. (Remember, you can select multiple Self Service items. they will install in the order selected.

It's that simple. If you're adding a new Mac to Robot Cloud, contact us beforehand so we can scope the Mac in advance. In order to do this we will need the following information:

  • Workstation name and serial number (good for single workstation setups).
  • OR Network IP Address (WAN) and name of the client building (best for multiple setups from a single location).

Customize Your Robot!

Please contact us if you'd like a custom Action or script created that includes a bundle of software titles and/or settings. Maybe you've already written scripts or created packages for your existing environment? We can use those too. Or simply tell us what settings you'd like enforced and we can script it for you!

Important Note Regarding Customized Policies

Depending on the complexity of what you're looking to accomplish, additional fees may apply. Inquiries and planning are complimentary. If we determine that additional work will be needed to successfully implement your setup we will provide a quote for approval.




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