System Requirements & Security

Ben Greiner -

Robot Cloud works with Macs running Mac OS X 10.9.x and later, tvOS 10.2.x and later, and mobile devices running iOS 9.x and later. iOS includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

We take security very seriously. Please contact us if your concerns are not addressed in this document.

Local Admin Account
When a Mac is enrolled into Robot Cloud a local Admin account is created with a randomly generated password. This account is used for management and has no ability to divine the credentials for other accounts on the workstation. 

Data Collected
The information collected by Robot Cloud (Application names and versions, names and capacity of locally attached disks, the health of hardware, etc.) is submitted to our server securely over port 443. This data is stored on an encrypted Ubuntu Linux server, sitting behind a firewall in a series of MySQL tables and is referenced only by a generic numeric identifier assigned to each Mac when it is initially enrolled.

Admin Access
Forget Computers currently has a limited number of System Administrators with full access to these services. All other accounts — within Forget Computers and across clients — have limited access to only the buildings or organizations they are responsible for managing.



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