Dear Rackspace Email Customers

Ben Greiner -

You’ve most likely noticed some serious email problems related to your Rackspace hosted email account.

Last Thursday, Rackspace had a cascading failure that undermined email service for multiple customers. The original fault has been addressed, but the restoration of complete service for such a large number of clients is taking time. Full details can be found here.

The natural tendency in this situation is to get upset, demand retributions, and to pick up and leave for another provider. I completely understand, and if that’s what you wish to do, we can help move your account to Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365. However, please also consider that in my experience over the past 18 years of working with hundreds of hosting providers — they all have problems.

Over the years we have helped many clients move from problematic, unresponsive, and uncommunicative hosting providers to one that works. In many cases, the one that works has been Rackspace. Yes, they have failed us today (beginning last week). However, they remain by far the most reliable, responsive and transparent hosting provider we have seen. I don’t intend to jump ship. It’s too early. I could even argue that a problem of this magnitude should (in theory) make Rackspace stronger because they will learn how to avoid a problem like this in the future. So my recommendation (for now) is to ride this out and trust that Rackspace remains a reliable hosting choice for your business. If you have any questions, want to discuss, or do wish to move providers, the Forget Computers team is here to support you!


Ben Greiner
Forget Computers
312 602.5345 x1

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