Connect SupportMenu to Zendesk (Client Instructions)

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Connect SupportMenu to Zendesk (Client Instructions)

Signing in to Zendesk within SupportMenu is really beneficial. Signing in gives clients quick access to their support requests in Zendesk. More importantly, signing in enables Robot Cloud Notifications to reach clients more quickly by delivering notifications directly to the correct person.

Here's how it works ... Robot Cloud knows when a Mac is in trouble so it triggers a notification. Typically this notification delivers to the IT Team for manual processing. However, if an account is connected to Zendesk via SupportMenu then Robot Cloud knows who is using the Mac or where to deliver the notification. By signing in to Zendesk within SupportMenu your telling Robot Cloud where to deliver these notifications. Even if your Support Desk doesn't use Zendesk for ticketing they can use it for Robot Cloud Notifications.

Here's a video (showing old version 2) outlining the basics, and instructions below.


1. Click SupportMenu, then choose "Preferences" from the gear icon:


2. Setup Your Zendesk Account

  1. Select the Zendesk section.
  2. Click the "+" button in the lower-left.
  3. Complete the Zendesk information on the right. NOTE: The credentials are for a Zendesk End-user — NOT a Zendesk Agent.

Let's be honest, most people don't know their Zendesk password. Follow the instructions below to create or reset a password. Zendesk Admins also have the ability to reset account passwords online (End-user account > Security Settings > Set or Reset). Note: the account must be verified before the password can be set or reset by an Admin (Primary email > select and "Verify now").


3. Visit Zendesk URL

If you have ever requested support from the Zendesk account you are setting up, then you already have an account. Try one of these methods to obtain your Zendesk password:

  1. Click "Get a password" to create one.
  2. Or choose "Forgot my password" to reset your password.





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