Robot Cloud FAQ

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Robot Cloud FAQ

Will I have full admin access to Robot Cloud?

iOS = Yes

If you're managing iOS devices then you will have full admin access to manage these devices. You can have a central console for managing multiple devices (best if your clients will NOT need management access). You can also request individual consoles for each client (best if you do need to provide management access to your clients).

Mac = No

When it comes to managing Macs, you will not have admin access (you can reference Macs in Dashboard and use Self Service and Terminal commands to execute Actions). Even on our own team, only Certified Casper Administrators (CCA's) have full admin access. Of course, you're still in full control and can choose to opt-in or out of Actions, but administrative features on the Mac side are limited to our CCA's. Like hosted email, you get the functionality without having to administer the service. If there are management needs, simply communicate this to us and we'll perform the necessary actions.


Robot Cloud doesn't have 'x' feature. Can you add it?

We are adding new features and further customizing Robot Cloud often. If there is any functionality you'd like to see added, please let us know!


Does Robot Cloud scale?

Yes, Robot Cloud is built to scale beyond several thousands of devices.

Is there a referral partner program?

Not at this time. Robot Cloud is built for and sold exclusively to IT Professionals.


Is Custom Branding Available?

Dashboard can be customized with your company name. SupportMenu can be branded with your logo and tagline.


Are reports available?

Dashboard is online reporting that we encourage Robot Cloud users to monitor and share with clients. Additional JAMF Software Server (JSS) reports are available upon request.


How does Robot Cloud integrate with CrashPlan and Time Machine?

Once a day, during inventory, the last backup status of CrashPlan (ALL flavors ... CrashPlan+, CrashPlan PRO and CrashPlan PROe) and Time Machine are reported to Robot Cloud. Dashboard then scrapes this information from Robot Cloud every 4 hours and displays it for your reference. A few items to note:

  • We encourage everyone to continue to rely on the direct CrashPlan reports for the most up-to-date and detailed information on the status of CrashPlan.
  • Email alerts are not generated by Robot Cloud for CrashPlan or Time Machine.
  • Using the Actions package, Robot Cloud can push out custom installations of CrashPlan. Contact us if you need this.
  • If a user enabled Time Machine or CrashPlan, but stopped using either, then the local backup status will be several months out of date. Simply remove this local information and Dashboard will report the backup status as not enabled.

Is alerting immediate and 24/7?

Alerting is ongoing, but Robot Cloud is NOT performing SNMP monitoring, meaning alerts will not be immediate. Macs send updated inventory information once per day. If an alert is triggered it is delivered to a single designated email address. Robot Cloud also has alerts that appear only in Dashboard. Dashboard gets updated information from Robot Cloud every 4 hours. A full list of alerts, and if they deliver via an email, visible on Dashboard, or both, is listed here and here.


Robot Cloud is built for who?

Robot Cloud is built to be used by IT Professionals. Although we currently have no certification requirements, we do ask that the Robot Cloud primary contact has an IT role in the organization. Alerts will be delivered to this individual (or designated Support Desk).


Is remote control included?

Yes ... and no. Because Robot Cloud runs on Jamf Pro and the remote control feature of Jamf Pro works only when connected to the LAN, we recommend using Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) for remote control when connected to the LAN. However, you can use Robot Cloud (like we do) to install the remote control software of your choice (LogMeIn, TeamViewer, etc.). We've built a custom LogMeIn Add-on for Robot Cloud. There is currently no way to remote control an iOS device. This is a limitation set by Apple.


What if I need a custom policy?

Robot Cloud customers have access to all of our custom Actions. If you need additional policies, simply ask. If your suggested policy is a good idea for Robot Cloud and we can leverage the policy in multiple locations, then it's no charge to build. If the policy is unique to your organization then we will quote a price to build.


How does the SupportMenu work without Zendesk? 

Each Mac user must enter their Zendesk credentials into SupportMenu so they can create new tickets and see existing Open and Pending tickets assigned to them. (We typically enter the credentials for them during client onboarding and new Mac setups.)


How does the billing work with Robot Cloud?

Each month you will receive a single invoice from Forget Computers based on the number of devices enrolled in Robot Cloud. Any add-ons like LogMeIn and CrashPlan are included in this one invoice.


Can I add a Wireless network to Robot Cloud?

Yes, Wi-Fi configurations and wireless certificates are supported and can be automatically added to your Macs using Robot Cloud.
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