Build a RingCentral Rooms Conference Room

Ben Greiner -

RingCentral Rooms is a great way to build an affordable video conference center in your office.

EXAMPLE Room for medium conference room with less than 15 people

  1. RingCentral Rooms license ($49/mo)
  2. Mac mini
    • 2.6GHz i5, Single Screen ($699)
    • 3.0GHz i7, Dual Screen ($999)
  3. AppleCare ($99)
  4. iPad mini 2 ($269)
  5. Video: Logitech Logitech PTZ Pro ($799 each) Additional information.
  6. Audio: Revolabs FLX UC 500 Speaker ($329) Additional information.

TOTAL: About $2,300 to get started and $50 per month.


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