Overview: Box vs Dropbox as Cloud File Server

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Overview: Box vs Dropbox as Cloud File Server

Box and Dropbox are the leading file storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. (Yes, we know of Microsoft OneDrive and Adobe Teams, but we're not aware of anyone using them! Please let us know your experience if you use any of these solutions.)

MORE ON MICROSOFT: If you have an Office 365 account, then OneDrive (for personal storage) and SharePoint (for team collaboration) is a good place to start — because you're already paying for it! (See how to set up Office 365 file storage and sharing for details.) However, in my experience, the Microsoft workflow and interface can be frustrating and you might find more value in spending money on Box or Dropbox.

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Sharing Files

Both Box and Dropbox say you cannot host a sync folder on a server. Moving to cloud storage will require workflow changes.

Box - Box Sync does not support shared drives (drives accessible to multiple users across multiple machines).

Dropbox - Although Dropbox can run on a server OS, we do not recommend sharing the Dropbox folder, or any folders inside the Dropbox folder, over your local network. If you attempt to share a single Dropbox folder over a server, the following issues can occur:

  • Permission issues
  • Files stuck in sync
  • Extended sync times.


LONG-TERM STORAGE: Amazon Glacier Storage for Archiving

If you have many TBs of archived data (completed jobs) it may not be practical to upload it all to any cloud storage solution — even if it comes with unlimited storage. Amazon offers a method where they ship you a hard drive. It's called Glacier — because it's very, very, slow, but also very affordable (currently, $0.004 per GB / month):

  • 5TB = $20/mo
  • 10TB = $40/mo
  • 15TB = $60/mo

Keep in mind, Amazon Glacier does not have a great interface. However, Webdam has built their solution to work with Glacier and Webdam is a great solution for Digital Asset Management, Brand Management, Project Management, and Marketing Operations.




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    Zubair Hussain Khan

    Nice article

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    Ben Greiner

    It's technically possible to use Office 365 and OneDrive as a shared cloud storage solution for your team. However, it's not easy. See Customize your Office 365 team site for file storage and sharing to get an idea of what it takes to build something that falls very short of what Box and Dropbox deliver out-of-the-box.

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